VESL Surf 9'11

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VESL Surf 9'11
9'11" Surf SUP Series Bamboo Paddleboard | Light Weight | Very Stable
An extremely versatile board, the VESL 9'11 SURF has the glide to get in early and shape to have superior control in a variety of wave heights. Board Weight 19 lbs.

This board could be the ultimate one stick quiver that you can easily learn on and also grow into as you discover the insane performance characteristics as your skills improve. It's definitely a sweet stick with glide, stability, control and enough looseness for big hacks off the lip of the wave.

It is the perfect step down board for those who have been riding longer 10 foot plus size boards, but now want something more maneuverable, but without sacrificing stability. It is a “go to” board for a lot of entry level, flat water paddlers that want something less than 10’. It has great glide, good buoyancy, and easy to carry.

The 9'11 is equipped with an FCS GoPro compatable plug on the nose, traction deck pad, Future Fin 4 + 1 boxes, Goretex Air Vent and an Butterfly SUP Handle.