VESL Surf 9'4 Stripes (out of stock)

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VESL Surf 9'4 Stripes  (out of stock)

9'4" Surf SUP Series Paddleboard | Light Weight | Stable
An extremely versatile surf SUP for all types of waves. Board Weight 17 lbs.

The 9'4 provides stability when paddling out and maneuverability in the surf making this one surfboard you have to ride. Designed with greater volume along the stringer and a flat section under the standing area for greater stability and glide through slow sections. Thinned out rails give greater bite while the narrow tail increases tracking while still remaining loose on the wave.

SUP Surfing is all about Versatility - You want a board that makes mushy thigh high waves fun but will still perform when it pumps. You want a board that's stable enough to make paddling enjoyable, but not so stable that you lose the performance you were after in the first place. Refining the ideal blend of outline, rocker profile, volume distribution, bottom contour, fin locations and rail profile to arrive at the ultimate all-conditions design.

The 9'4 is equipped with an GoPro compatable plug on the nose, Traction Deck Pad, Future Fin 4 + 1 boxes, Goretex Air Vent and an Butterfly SUP Handle.