VESL Surf Xtra-Wide 10'6 Stripes

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VESL Surf Xtra-Wide 10'6 Stripes

10'6" x 33" Extra Wide Surf SUP Series Bamboo Paddleboard | Light Weight | Very Stable
This board provides incrediable stabilitiy for riders of all sizes. With its high volume capacity, wider mid-point, yet pulled-in outline and progressive thruster or optional quad fin set-up, bigger paddlers get the best of stability and manueverability. It performs well in the and will make you smile. Board Weight 23 lbs.

The 10'6 Extra Wide Sea Witch gives you carving rail-to-rail surf performance and will deliver the performance you want but still provide the platform you need to conserve energy, in choppy conditions and is easy to catch waves.

The 10'6 is equipped with an FCS GoPro compatable plug on the nose, traction deck pad, Future Fin 4 + 1 boxes, Goretex Air Vent and an Butterfly SUP Handle.